• I help aspiring wildlife biologists get the job they want, and 
  • Educate and entertain people on the science and conservation of wildlife

Who is the Fancy Scientist?

Dr. Stephanie Schuttler AKA the Fancy Scientist is an unconventional wildlife biologist, science communicator, and career coach. She became a wildlife biologist because she loved animals and wanted to save species but realized that all conservation solutions ultimately lead to us. She created this site to help you make better lifestyle choices that help the conservation of animals and connect you with amazing wildlife around the world.

After she graduated from her Ph.D. in 2012, she noticed careers in wildlife biology were more competitive than ever before and people all over struggled to find permanent jobs. She created the Confusion to Clarity program to help aspiring wildlife biologists ensure they get the skills, experiences, and education for the jobs that they want. She has a book out this fall describing her own experience on the job market and how you can become competitive for jobs in wildlife biology. 

The Fancy Scientist Dr. Stephanie Schuttler.

For my full story of how I became a scientist, read my Unexpected Journey Into Science.

For a full list of my scientific publications, download my CV or visit my Google Scholar page.

I love speaking to audiences about wildlife, conservation, science, and more. I’ve given 100+ presentations on stages across 5 continents. Book me to speak at your event.

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