#10. My Big Mistake in My Wildlife Biology Career and How You Can Learn From it

I have been applying for jobs in wildlife biology on and off since I graduated with my Ph.D. in 2012. While I knew jobs in academia were competitive, I didn’t realize until after I finished school, how competitive careers in wildlife biology were too. My biggest mistake in my wildlife biology career has been my source of inspiration for writing my upcoming book.

wildlife biology career mistake
I’ve had a wildlife biology career for almost two decades now. In this podcast, I share with you my biggest mistake.

This week, I have been writing up a storm trying to finish my book, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to talk about what what I’m writing about, who I’m writing for, and what you’ll get from my book that you won’t get from other books or even your professors.

The pathway to a wildlife biology career is nebulous, and the goal of my book is to help you figure out what job you want so you can make sure you get all of the skills and experience necessary to be competitive in that job. Learn what my biggest mistake was and how you can avoid making it.

In this episode, I share with you what that mistake is and some things you can get started on today to help you avoid making that mistake.

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Resources and Sources Mentioned in My Big Mistake in My Wildlife Biology Career

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Becoming a Wildlife Professional Book

Becoming a Wildlife Professional
This book is a great resource for careers in wildlife biology.

Plus…A Sunscreen/Coral Reef Debate?

After I posted my last podcast, I received some feedback from a marine scientist that sunscreen does not kill coral reef. In fact, he called it a lie! I summarize what’s going on in this debate.

But even if sunscreen is not killing coral reefs directly – or the research isn’t quite there yet in some experts’ opinions – it is still an endocrine disrupter and a no-no for me.

Is Your Sunscreen Harming Coral Reefs?

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