Reduce Your Plastic Travel Waste with SteriPEN

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Even if you are ultra eco-conscious and NEVER use plastic water bottles, when you travel out of the country, it’s a different story. You have to drink filtered water or you can get really sick. Trust me, I know. I’ve had Giardia and you don’t want it! This usually usually means that you have to go through dozens of plastic water bottles on a single trip.

Plastics on beach with Cow Grazing
Cow grazing among plastic trash on the way to the beach in Goa, India. Goa is a very popular tourist destination in India.

Lots of the countries that I travel to don’t have trash collection like we do here in the states. If you are close to the ocean there’s a good chance that your plastic bottle could end up there. There’s already so much plastic in the ocean. Just the other day ANOTHER whale beached that died of thirst and starvation from the large amount of plastic found in its stomach.

So what can you do? You have to drink clean water, but you don’t want to contribute to the massive plastic problem. That is why I was so happy to discover SteriPEN. I learned about the SteriPEN from the travel health clinic I visited to make sure I was up to date on my vaccinations. The travel doctor recommended I get one before I went on my Mount Kenya expedition. I love it so much now I never travel internationally without it.

Using the pen to clean the water
I love my SteriPEN and it’s so easy to use. I also love that I don’t have to buy water when I travel.

The SteriPEN is like a mini light saber that kills bacteria and viruses (including the awful Giardia that I had). All you do is press the buttons and then hold it in your Nalgene bottle (or other receptacle) until the UV lights go off. This indicates that it is done. Now when I travel, I love knowing that I don’t have to worry about buying water and that I am not contributing to our massive plastic problem.

You can purchase a SteriPEN by clicking on the photo.

If you are traveling to Mexico or anywhere else by the beach for spring break, please consider buying a SteriPEN! I traveled all throughout Kenya, Mexico, and Colombia with my SteriPEN and I never got sick. I will never go back to plastic water bottles.

This video explains how easy it is to use a SteriPEN:

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12 thoughts on “Reduce Your Plastic Travel Waste with SteriPEN

  1. This looks interesting enough to check it out and maybe give it a whirl myself! I think the world will start seeing more and more of these and other products that cut down on plastic. That 60 Minutes episode where they were showing just how big the problem is. To see commercials from over 50 years ago that made it appear that it was the next best thing… in a way it was revolutionary, but not with forward thinking about just how bad it has gotten. It sure is a lesson that we need to think down the road, many years ahead to what problems might arise from the sol called new ‘Revolutionary Idea’… Great post girl!

    1. Thank you! Yes, expect a lot more blog posts on how to reduce plastic. It is such a big problem and even if you are conscious about it, it can be hard to do. For example, I eat tofu, protein shakes, and frozen berries. Those all come in plastic. I’m going to be exploring alternatives to a lot of products!

    1. No, it doesn’t – I tested it at home on my own water. That being said, in a lot of these places the water taste is not great to begin with. But I feel it’s worth it to reduce my plastic consumption!

      1. Definitely!! So I was hoping, maybe it does make it taste slightly better 😀 But even if not – still worth it.

  2. I saw a documentary on Swedish Telly about India the other day! The trash on the beaches and how everything just piles up… to much gargabge and people and no infrastructure to take care of it ????

  3. I’d love to try this! Also plastic bottles are not just bad for the environment but in warm countries when they might be exposed to warmth also leech chemicals into the water.. so i try to steer well clear. I am adding this to my travel wish list..

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