Migraine Headaches and Mercury: How I Got My Life Back

As a conservation biologist, I am innately passionate about our impacts on the environment and how they affect the animals and plants around us. But I’m also passionate because what we do innately impacts us. I can speak first hand of these impacts because I suffered them. I was poisoned by mercury.

In my mid-to-late 20s, I started to get migraine headaches. I was in graduate school, and under constant stress. To blow off steam and have fun with my friends, I often indulged in cocktails on the weekends like any normal student. I wrote off my headaches to getting older and not doing so well with alcohol as I had in my early 20s. But over time, my headaches were becoming worse: more frequent, lasting longer, and popping up without an alcohol-induced explanation.

migraine headaches and mercury
Migraines took so much out of me. I would spend whole weekends laying in bed. Photo from Pixabay.

I then started to write my headaches off to stress. I mean, what graduate student did not get migraine headaches? This all seemed very normal. During this time, I had transitioned from ibuprofen/acetaminophen to Excedrin Migraine.

I can actually remember the day I took my first Excedrin Migraine. I laid on the couch for hours with a heavy pounding feeling on my forehead that Advil could no longer alleviate. I went with my now husband to the pharmacy to get the strongest drugs I could legally buy. I remember walking into the drugstore with my sunglasses on and my palm holding my forehead, which somehow helped keep in the pain. There it was sitting on the shelf, my new my savior. In the car ride home, the pain lifted up and away as if someone had removed a weight from my forehead.

As much as I loved Excedrin Migraine, it eventually let me down like all my other medications to follow. My headaches would develop, frequently concentrating in a small area above or behind my eyes, and Excedrin Migraine would relieve it for an hour or two, but my headache would come back, now lasting days rather than hours. I now had to go above the drugstore to the gatekeeper of the good stuff, my doctor.

Getting prescription drugs was so easy. The doctors were always eager to give them to me. But I didn’t want the headaches in the first place. Talking to them about not getting headaches was much harder. They would shrug and say things like “Many things can cause headaches. Why don’t you keep a journal and see what your triggers are?”

So that’s what I did. I kept a journal of everything I ate and tracked my headaches and looked for common patterns. Triggers can occur within hours or days, so I backtracked my headaches and mapped it on to all of the foods that I ate and beverages that I drank over the course of 72 hours. Beer, wine, and liquor would sometimes appear, but other times not. Was it the cheese I ate? Onions? Chocolate? Peanut butter? There were too many foods and no patterns in sight.

Not to mention, there are other causes of headaches. Was it the lack of sleep? The constant stress? My recent international trip? How could I possibly figure out what was causing my headaches. There were too many variables.

Just like the Excedrine Migraine, my prescriptions started to wear off. I was now on my third prescription drug, and all would work for hours, and then wear off, and there my headache would be, just as I had left it. My headaches were now lasting sometimes as long as 3-4 days. I was having to stay home from work. It was affecting my job and my life.

migraine headaches and mercury
Traditional doctors just kept on prescribing me with stronger medications, but eventually they all stopped working.

I needed the headaches to stop, but no doctor would help me. Just track your life and take more drugs. Those were the only solutions. But my headaches were so intense and chronic, I knew it had to be something more obvious than a glass of red wine or a bite of cheese here and there. And now I wasn’t even really drinking anymore. What was it that caused my headaches and who could help me? I felt hopeless.

I decided to see a functional medicine doctor. The difference between this doctor and your traditional doctor is that the former tries to get to the root cause of your problem and not just treat the symptoms (funny, I thought the latter was supposed to do that too). Quite often, the treatment relies on you making lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, sleep, etc.) rather than prescription drugs (although they do do that too). The big downside to a functional medicine doctor is that they are not covered by insurance and I had to pay out of pocket.

When I saw the doctor, the first thing he said to me after I described all of my symptoms was “I bet you have mercury toxicity.” This seemed crazy to me, but such a clear and distinct response brought me comfort because all of the other doctors I had seen (at least 5 in the past few years) were flabbergasted by my headaches. At the time, I still had my old teeth fillings in my mouth and regularly ate tuna, a predatory fish that can accumulate mercury.

Migraine Headaches and Mercury
Tuna are predatory fish, therefore mercury accumulates in their system from their prey. Photo from Pixabay.

That was the very first thing I got tested for with this doctor and he was right. My mercury levels were extremely high. This was frightening, but I also felt a sense of relief because it was something. I always knew deep down that my severe headaches were not the result of a food or drinking. I knew something was wrong.

migraine headaches and mercury
My test results. The dark blue bars are my results whereas the white represents results from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the grey bars represents average results from the test manufacturers. As you can see, mine far exceed average levels. MeHg is Methylmercury and HgII is inorganic mercury. HgT is the total mercury level.

I went through treatment. I got my teeth fillings replaced (although I wished I had gone to a special dentist for this because removing the metal fillings can actually expose you to more mercury) and stopped eating fish. I also went through a supplement protocol and because I am extreme, I bought an infrared sauna (I did the math and it was cheaper for me to purchase a sauna rather than go through sessions individually at a clinic. Plus I love my sauna and still use it regularly). I wanted to get the mercury out. I wanted the headaches to stop.

Migraine Headaches and Mercury
I had metal fillings from over 20 years ago. They were starting to break down and I was ingesting small pieces. Photo from Pixabay.

After six months of treatment, the headaches started to stop. Now, several years later, I can tell you, I hardly ever get headaches any more. Maybe once a year if even that. There was definitely a correlation between my migraine headaches and mercury in my system.

migraine headaches and mercury
My results 6 months later. Look at how far down the blue bars went!

Writing about this experience makes me angry. We know enough about the risks with tuna to warn pregnant women, but what about everyday people? Seeing how widespread mercury and other heavy metal are in the environment made me reassess all of the products I consume in my life. I do eat fish now, but I only eat predatory fish once in a great while. I also looked at other possible sources of mercury in my life, notably my lipstick and other cosmetics (for more on this, read “17 Reasons Why I Switched to Beautycounter Skincare.”)

Reasons Why I Switched to Beautycounter
Heavy metals like mercury are prolific in the environment, including cosmetic products. Mercury was the source of my intense migraine headaches. Infographic from Beautycounter.

I am passionate about these issues because I know how awful it feels to suffer the consequences. I have learned that there’s a better way, and that we as a society can do better.

The thing that makes me most angry is all of the time I lost. I lost time laying on the couch when I couldn’t do anything else, or all of the time I spent waiting in doctor’s offices and talking to doctors.

I never thought my headaches would be so black and white. I always thought they were brought on subtly, by changes in outside pressure, something I ate, or even scents like perfume. But I learned the strong connection between my migraine headaches and mercury and have felt the drastic difference once I removed mercury from my body.

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20 thoughts on “Migraine Headaches and Mercury: How I Got My Life Back

  1. I started having frequent migraine headaches after I changed my diet from red meat to fish.

    I never considered ocean fish as the culprit until I moved to fresh water fish.

    You make a very legitimate case for monitoring mercury intake.

    I honestly feel that was the largest contributor to my very severe headaches.

    1. What kind of fish do you eat? Make sure you are mostly eating low mercury fish. Tuna and other top predators are the worst for mercury because the mercury accumulates in them as they eat smaller fish.

      1. This article is amazing! I’ve seen 12+ doctors who wanted to give me antidepressants medications and stuff. I found out I had a silver filling that was poisoning me and giving me migraines everyday. The worst part is the brain fog. I aspire to write a blog like this when I’m healthy.

        Can you help tell me what type of supplements you used for the recovery? There are so many ways to remove mercury, love to get your regiment along with the sauna.

        Inspiring, thank you! You have no idea how much this helped me.

        1. Unfortunately I still get brain fog and I do have to be on antidepressants. The mercury removal didn’t help with that. LV-GB Complex was the main one that I was on, but I was also found to excrete mercury well so my protocol didn’t have to be as aggressive.

      1. Hi Jen! I took a test that showed that I excreted mercury very well, so we took the most conservative approach. I took the supplement LV-GB Complex, did a lot of infrared sauna sessions, and stopped eating fish temporarily. Now I rarely eat high-mercury fish.

  2. Holy crap – this hits home for me. I’ve just had my mercury tested and it’s the same levels as you and I’ve had migraines for years and can no longer work. Am booked into a functional medicine clinic tomorrow – hoping they can help with all this!

    Have started a new blog about medical misogyny but also charting my experiences. ([email protected]). Would love to chat to you more about this sometime if you’re up for it!

  3. Where can you get the mercury testing done at. My husband has had migraines for over 15 years and has them DAILY he also has several amalgam fillings.

    1. I had my done through a company called Quicksilver Scientific. It required a blood, urine, and hair sample. My doctor told me that a single sample would not be accurate.

  4. Hey gal! So I just had a hair test done and I tested positive for mercury poisoning—- I rarely eat fish ever. Any fish. All of my fillings have already been replaced years ago.
    I have no idea where I am getting mercury from! Any tips?
    I too am having several migraines a week. I had one this week that lasted for 3 days straight.

    1. I am not sure and I am not a doctor. I am not sure if you did the test yourself, but I would highly recommend doing it with a functional medicine doctor. Mine had me do the Quicksilver test and I was told that this was the best because it measures mercury in your hair, urine, and blood. I’m not sure if mercury in water is an issue in the United States, but that is something I might think about and also the products you use. I know heavy metals are in cosmetics (which is why I use Beautycounter: https://stephanieschuttler.com/17-reasons-why-i-switched-to-beautycounter-skincare/), that being said, I doubt there is enough of it or you are using enough of products for it to have that major of an impact on you. My recommendation is to work with a doctor/functional medicine doctor. Good luck and I hope you feel better.

  5. Thank you for sharing your story. I get head aches so bad that they do not allow me to sleep.If I use some of the Andy Cutler protocal, so far Alpha Lipoic acid, 4 days on,3 days off,or 5 days on and 2 days off eventually helps. But they come back, so it is obvious that I did not get it all out. I started with cilantro from my garden, but within 3 days, the mercury redistributed in my brain so bad that I thought that I would go crazy. Mainly from pain and lack of sleep. I am afraid of using DMSA or DMPs. As I do not want to make things worse than they already are. I had many mercury amalgam fillings in my mouth for about 50 years. I will look in the LV GB complex. Is that a quicksilver product? Quick silver products are extremely expensive!!!

    1. I used the Designs for Health brand. But please ask your doctor! What worked for me may not work for you. Good luck and I hope you get to the root of the cause.

  6. Interesting, I’ve never had fillings. I wonder if mercury in vaccines caused my migraines, chronic headaches, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, & Chemical Sensitivity.

    1. Have you been tested? It is extremely unlikely it is from vaccines. The health effects of vaccines have been well researched and no causation has been found. It’s more more likely to come from the environment.

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