⚡️⚡️Attention jobless or aspiring wildlife biologists,
zoologists, ecologists, and conservation biologists⚡️⚡️

Who are sick and tired of NOT working in your field...

  • Frustrated and angry they studied so hard in school
  • Becoming hopeless filling out job application after job application
  • Doubting themselves
  • Ashamed of working their fast food, barista, server, or basic 9-5 job
  • Heartbroken that they care so much, but can’t put their passion to work

Or are in school, but worried AF hearing about intense competition and scarcity of jobs BEFORE they even start...

Stop doing what you are doing!

(If you've read this far, you know it's not working - or you would have a job by now).

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Your Instructor’s Credentials

  • A B.A. (2003), 3 internships, a Ph.D. (2012), and 7 years of postdocs in the government, zoos, museums, academia, and alongside nonprofits
  • 20+ peer-reviewed scientific publications across topics in in animal behavior, mammal communities, predator-prey relationships, non-invasive genetics, satellite telemetry, social science, and citizen science – full CV here
  • Study species and systems across four continents
  • Multiple appearances as a science expert on national television shows on the Science and History Channels.
  • A large professional network (500+ connections on LinkedIn) and social following (15K across platforms)
  • Experience on large, collaborative open access projects with prestigious organizations like the Smithsonian
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