Why I Use Instagram for Science Outreach

Lots of people have been asking for my response to the recent Science magazine opinion piece “Why I don’t use Instagram for science outreach,” so here it is. I never felt like wildlife biology (my field of science) was for people like me. As a young girl, wildlife content was geared towards hunters or whimsical (e.g. unicorns, ponies). My first years in grad school, I came in as “me” with make-up on and business casual clothes – not even that fancy, but I increasingly felt like I didn’t belong…

The ABC’s of Elephant DNA

Forest elephants defecate roughly 17-20 times a day, making it an accessible source of information. Traditionally, dung has been used to study diet. Forest elephants consume hundreds of species of plants, either as fruits, bark, or leaves, and sorting through dung piles gives scientists’ detailed information on what they are eating. More recently, scientists have used dung to obtain DNA. But how do scientists get DNA from dung?

Songs for workout

Ten Songs to Boost Your Confidence (Especially For Women in Science)

Recently I tweeted that part of my preparation for a job interview included listening to Demi Lovato’s Confident during my workout. And I wasn’t kidding! Music has a big psychological impact on me and I’ve found that when I’m in a bad mood or feeling insecure it can help me feel empowered. Today was one of those days, where something happened, I started to doubt myself, and lost my confidence. Women in general struggle more with confidence and it can be especially hard in the sciences where there is so much competition and rejection. I had to workout anyway, so I took my own advice and listened to my confidence-building playlist. And it worked. So by request, I am sharing my playlist with you…