Shop Sustainably with Consignment

I first started to think about slow fashion selfishly, when I noticed over the past few years my clothes would not hold up. I would buy a shirt, and by the following year, it had holes in it. Fast fashion, the opposite of slow fashion, is the just what it sounds like; garments are made fast, which means that they aren’t good quality. They are made this way to keep you buying more. The trends come and go faster now, and it doesn’t matter because your garment won’t hold up anyway. In addition to crummy clothes, fast fashion also comes with ethical baggage, notably child labor, horrific working conditions, and environmental damage. I love fashion, but I also care about our Earth and want to start mitigating this impact by learning more about slow fashion.

I took the #slowfashionchallenge, and it had an impact on me. I decided to live my life more sustainably without compromising my style. One of the easiest ways to do this is through consignment. I was previously against consignment because I thought it would be frustrating to like something, only to not have it fit and then have no alternative. I also thought a lot of stores wouldn’t have my style, given that I navigate towards specific brands and aesthetics. Boy was I wrong. My consignment love is in dress in Raleigh. Full of color, great brands, and tons of fancy flair, I had so much fun trying on different pieces and I can’t wait to go back. In fact, it was so satisfying to also be able to afford brands I normally couldn’t! And I could definitely feel the difference in  quality.

Me in the Aiden Mattox dress I bought at dress and wore for my anniversary at Second Empire Restaurant. Amazing find!

If online shopping is your thing, then the RealReal is another great consignment go to. Here, you can literally shop thousands of items, all in your pajamas by size, color, and designer. The only downfall to the RealReal is that you can’t try stuff on. Make sure you know your measurements and buy on those and not size (I have probably 4 different sizes in my closet). Despite this, I still prefer dress because you can try the clothes on and see how they look and feel.

My goal with the #slowfashionchallenge was to find brands that could hold up, paid people fair wages, and were friendlier to our planet. I found an amazing community of (mostly) women and I now find myself thinking more about my purchases – what they are made of and by whom. I am going to continue on this journey and looking forward to sharing my sustainable finds here. 

Alice and Olivia jacket from the RealReal.